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Fatal Bug: Custom Officer Slot 4
Koei slipped this time (they make a lot of bug free games!) - on the Battle of Han Zhong any custom officer you create and save to slot 4 (the bottom most slot on the Edit Officer screen, or the right-most slot on the Officer Select screen) will not appear correctly on the battle field and the PS2 will freeze. This custom officer slot (and all the other slots) seems to be fine on all other stages.

Unlockable: Level 10 Weapons
These should be done on the Hard difficulty setting and characters should already have their level 9 weapons:

Unlockable: Dynasty Tactics 2 Preview
Press TRIANGLE in the movie menu to view a preview of Dynasty Tactics 2. Note: This game is titled San Goku Shi Senki 2 in Japan.

Secret Mission: Eliminate Zhang Jiao
In Act I with either Wei, Wu, or Shu, choose Yellow Turban Rebellion first and force Zhang Jiao to retreat by killing all his officers, killing all his sub-officers, and sealing the stronghold directly behind him. This secret mission should appear after Act II.

Hint: Unlocking Extra Forces
To unlock the Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo, and Nanman forces in musou mode, beat musou mode with all three Wu, Shu, and Wei forces.

To unlock Yuan Shao's forces you must beat Dong Zhuo's musou mode. To unlock the Yellow Turban forces you must beat all other musou modes.


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