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Here in this page you will come with all of the latest PC game cheats started from any B letter and codes for the desktop Computers or Notebooks. The PC game cheats and codes will be using Dos/Windows. Click on any letter below to search the PC game you are trying to find cheats and codes for. has many cheat and codes for PC related games than any other website on the internet. Bookmark us so you never miss any PC game cheats anymore.

Choose any given letter by the game title you need to find PC cheats or Codes for.

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Game Names
 B-17 Flying Fortress
 B-17 Gunner: Air War Over Germany
 Back to Baghdad
 Back To The Future 2
 Backyard Baseball
 Backyard Baseball 2001
 Backyard Baseball 2003
 Backyard Baseball 2005
 Backyard Basketball
 Backyard Basketball 2004
 Backyard Football
 Backyard Football 2002
 Backyard Football 2004
 Backyard Hockey
 Backyard Hockey 2005
 Backyard Skateboarding
 Backyard Soccer
 Backyard Soccer 2004
 Backyard Soccer MLS Edition
 Bad Boys II
 Bad Day L.A.
 Baldur's Gate
 Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal
 Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
 Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast
 Baldurs's Gate 2
 Bandits: Pheonix Rising
 Bang! Gunship Elite
 Barbie Horse Adventures: Mystery Ride
 Barbie Secret Agent
 Bard's Tale, The
 Bard's Tale, The ( 2005 )
 Bards Tale 2: The Destiny Knight
 Bards Tale 3: The Thief of Fate
 Bart vs. The Space Mutants
 Baseball Mogul 2005
 Bass Landing
 Batman Forever
 Batman: The Movie
 Batman: Vengeance
 Battery Check
 Battle Arena Toshinden
 Battle Chess
 Battle Dwarves
 Battle For Troy
 Battle Mages
 Battle Mages: Sign Of Darkness
 Battle of Britain, The
 Battle Raper II
 Battle Realms
 Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf
 Battle Squadron
 Battle Valley
 Battlefield 1942
 Battlefield 1942 Deluxe Edition
 Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII
 Battlefield 1942: The Road To Rome
 Battlefield 2
 Battlefield 2142
 Battlefield 2: Special Forces
 Battlefield Vietnam
 Battleship: Surface Thunder
 Battletech: The Crescent Hawk´s Inception
 Battlezone 2
 Battlezone : The Red Odyssey
 Beach Life
 Beach Volleyball
 Beachhead 2000
 Beachhead 2002
 Beam Breakers
 Beast And Bumpkins
 Beast Wars: Transformers
 Beavis And Butt-Head Do U.
 Beavis And Butthead In Virtual Stupidity
 Beetle Buggin'
 Bejewled 2 Deluxe
 Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport
 Betrayal At Krondor
 Better Dead Than Alien
 Beverly Hills Cop
 Beyond Divinity
 Beyond Good and Evil
 Beyond The Gates
 Bicycle Board Games
 Big Biz Tycoon
 Big Biz Tycoon 2
 Big Buck Hunter
 Big Game Hunter
 Big Game Hunter 2
 Big Game Hunter 3
 Big Game Hunter 5
 Big Mutha Truckers
 Big Mutha Truckers 2
 Big Red Racing
 Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing
 Big Scale Racing
 Bikez 2
 Bikini Karate Babes
 Bio Menace
 Bionic Commando
 Bionicle: The Game
 Bird Hunter: Wild Wings
 Birthright The Gorgon Alliance
 Black & White 2
 Black and White
 Black and White: Creature Isles
 Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre
 Black Moon Chronicles
 Black Thorne
 Blackstone Chronicles
 Blade and Sword
 Blade of Darkness
 Blade Runner
 Blade Warrior
 Blair Witch Project 3: Vol 3
 Blair Witch Project: Vol 1
 Blair Witch Project: Vol 2
 Blake Stone
 Blake Stone 3.0
 Blast It!
 Bleifuss Fun
 Blitzkrieg 2
 Blood And Magic
 Blood Omen 2
 Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain
 Blood Omen: Legacy of Kang
 Blood Sport
 BloodRayne 2
 Blow Pipe
 Blue Force
 Blue Lightning
 Blues Brothers, The
 Boarder Zone
 Body Blows
 Boiling Point
 Bombing The Reich
 Bone: The Great Cow Race
 Book Of Mysteries
 Bowling U.S.A.
 Bratz: Rock Angelz
 Brian Lara Cricket
 Brian Lara International Cricket 2005
 Bricks 2000
 Bricks of Camelot
 Brigade E5: New Jagged Union
 British Open Championship Golf
 Britney's Dance Beat
 Brixout XP
 Broken Dragon: The Sleeping Dragon
 Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon
 Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
 Browning African Safari
 Browning Duck Hunter
 Browning Elk Hunter
 Bruce Jenner´s World Class Decathlon
 Brutal: Paws Of Fury
 BuckMaster Deer Hunting
 Bugraiders: The Race of Kings
 Bugs Bunny And Taz: Time Busters
 Bundesliga Manager
 Bundesliga Manager Pro
 Business Tycoon
 Bust A Move 2
 Bust a Move 4
 Bust Em
 Buzzing Cars



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