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Battlefield 2142 1.05 patch released

If you're playing Battlefield 2142, a new 1.05 patch has been issued. You can see the links for download on the Battlefield 2142 website. The fixes are as follows: Fixed Ground Defense kills to properly count towards the Ground Base Defense Ribbon Fixed an exploit with using the Air Transport to gain points at an unnatural rate Fixed a issue that caused scores and ranks to be improperly displayed in the front end The Silver Titan Destruction Badge will now be properly awarded when the core is destroyed The PAC Duty Ribbon will no longer be awarded randomly when a player enters a server Single player End of Round screen will now display round stats properly Enemy Squad Leader Spawn Beacon is now visible on the 3d-map Crouch may now be bound to the same key for both common use and land vehicles (Battlewalkers) Fixed an issue which allowed the Titan guns to be re-supplied for points Players may no longer repeatedly spam a squad leader with requests to join a locked squad Accept and Reject prompts will no longer be displayed in the debug console Titan Survival pin will now be correctly rewarded to players who safely escape a titan after the core is destroyed Fixed the issue that prevented players from reviving team mates in a moving Titan Fixed an exploit that allows players to use tanks to enter building geometry Players may now play single player offline mode when EA master servers are down Fixed issues with Battle Recorder Playback and Camera control Fixed the issue that caused missile silos to appear in the wrong locations on players’ HUDs.

'Battlefield 2142' another successful conquest for EA

SINCE Electronic Arts first introduced "Battlefield 1942," the series has generated some of the most fun multiplayer shooter action around. With "Battlefield 2142," developer DICE maintains its tradition of ratcheting up every aspect of gameplay.

With the latest entry, the designers have liberated themselves from historical constraints of the previous games by taking the action into the future.

As with the other Battlefield games, players face off on opposing teams in an effort to capture and defend "control points," while taking advantage of a wide variety of military hardware.

One minute you may be on foot, picking off enemies with a sniper rifle, the next in a hovering tank, stationary anti-aircraft gun or flying attack vehicle.

Except for the new setting, the game doesn't stray far from the successful formula that has served well in the past.

Battlefield 2142 1.05 News

November 04, 2006 - EA posted a brief note reaffirming its commitment to support Battlefield 2142. The v1.05 patch should be out sometime next month: We would like to explain here how committed we are to increasing everyone's experience with Battlefield, especially regarding the updates for Battlefield 2142. We acknowledge that the patching process could have been smoother for Battlefield 2; we have listened to the feedback and learned from it.

To accomplish this goal Dice has recently formed a Live Team with the purpose of making sure your playing experience on the Battlefield is as solid as possible after the game is launched. Among other things, the team works closely with the community and handles the patching process, together with the Ranked Server Providers.

Your Dice Live Team is located at the Dice Studio in Stockholm and is made up of key people from the game project teams.

Game cheats 'blocked' by new software

A software company has won patents for software designed to prevent cheating in online games. Korea-based AhnLab was granted a patent for 'a method of sensing modification of internal time by a computer program' this week, the latest of several anti-hacking patents it has registered.

Popular multiplayer online games such as World of Warcraft, Counterstrike, and Battlefield 2142 have all suffered at times from hackers who alter program data in an attempt to gain an advantage over competitors. This has become a particularly serious issue for games like Warcraft, where in-game cash can be exchanged for real world currency, allowing hackers to generate substantial incomes. A Chinese student who reportedly sold more than $1.3m worth of Warcraft in-game items was recently arrested in Japan, for example.

Logitech G5 Battlefield 2142 Edition Gaming Mouse Review

If you are in the market for a new gaming mouse that not only performs well, but look really cool too you need to check out the special Battlefield 2142 edition of the Logitech G5 gaming mouse.

This mouse has a 2000 dpi laser sensor and allows you to adjust the sensitivity on-the-fly during game play. The BF2142 edition of the G5 shares all the features of the normal G5 mouse, it just looks better. More @ source.

EA's Battlefield 2142 Leaves Gamers Furious Over A Multitude Of ...

New York, NY (AHN) - It's rare when video game designers Electronic Arts (EA) and Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (DICE) leave players fuming, yet even a casual search of online forums finds users are disappointed, upset, and feel cheated.

The backlash comes after the release of the latest game in it's Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 2142; an online first-person shooter (FPS). When the product hit the market, players were assaulted by bugs, exploits, and a general sense that the game was released in order to hit the holiday market, rather then when it was done with testing.

After All Headline News (AHN) received reports that players were experiencing a myriad of problems from a new release by the world's largest gaming company, I spoke with players, who wish to remain anonymous, about the errors they were facing.

Graphics showdown comes to Vista on an Intel Core 2 duo system

WE SIMPLY cannot get enough of Vista. We are spending a lot of time with this still-unfinished operating system in order to give you as many impressions about it as possible. We are heading for a dead end as the Vole still doesn't want to give us a key to further unlock its mysteries but our copy will work for a week or so before it shuts itself down.

This time we wanted to give roughly equal Nvidia and ATI cards a try on Vista. We changed our test machine to an Intel Core 2 duo 6700, the only dual core we have in lab. EVGA was kind enough to give us the Nforce 680i motherboard and we decided to use the Radeon X1950 XTX and the fastest single-core Nvidia 7900 GTX card. We simply cannot get the drivers for Geforce 8800 GTX or GTS. There is definitely something fishy going on with that card on the Vole's latest OS.

Battlefield 2142 Demo Impressions

Battlefield 2's been a favourite in our flat for the last few months so when the demo for 2142 was released a few days ago we made short work of our bandwidth limit and downloaded the massive 1.1gb file. Available here:

After a few hours of gaming here's some initial impressions:


Strangely they don't feel up to BF2 standards. A few of the fancy graphical effects when in vehicles and mechs make you wonder if you're graphics card is screwed. Overall the look and feel of the graphics are a little future-generic and boring.


The squad based aspect of the whole game seems to be much more refined, and I found myself sticking with my squad the whole time and actually working together. Pretty wicked!

Other parts of the gameplay didn't feel quite so good.

Review: Battlefield 2142 game

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