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Playmates Toys Awarded Master Toy License by Microsoft and 4Kids ...

COSTA MESA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Playmates Toys, Inc., one of the toy industry's most respected and innovative companies, announced today that it has entered into a multi-year licensing agreement with Microsoft and 4Kids Entertainment. The toy company will serve as master toy licensee for Viva Piata™, a new animated series that airs on 4Kids TV, 4Kids Entertainment's Saturday morning children's programming block on FOX, as well as an upcoming video game by Microsoft Game Studios and Rare, Ltd., exclusively for Xbox 360™. The deal was announced today at the American International Toy Fair in New York City.

Playmates will have the exclusive master toy rights for a full range of products including interactive and electronic character-based figures, electronic hand held games, playsets, and role-play items.

Microsoft Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive

Attempting to counter the Blu-ray boost that's likely to come with the PlayStation 3 launch, Microsoft is presenting its own affordable next-gen video option in the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player. The external player is due out in late November for $200 and will come with a copy of King Kong on HD-DVD as well as the Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote. The drive connects via USB to the Xbox 360 system, which runs $300 to $400.

Upside: At a combined cost of $500 to $600, the Xbox 360 and HD-DVD represent a terrific bundled value. For the price of an entry-level HD-DVD player--the Toshiba HD-A1-- you can get a next-gen gaming console and an HD-DVD disc player. Making the HD-DVD drive external just makes good business sense for Microsoft. Unlike the upcoming PlayStation 3, the addition of the next-gen movie player is completely optional, meaning that gamers can play high-def games for a few hundred dollars less, or watch high-def movies for the same price.

Microsoft Xbox 360: Is it Hype or is it the Real Deal?

The new Microsoft Xbox 360 has taken home entertainment to a whole new level. In fact, it may be easier to list the things that the Xbox 360 won't do rather than talk about all of the incredible features it does do. The Xbox 360 is simply everything a gamer could ever hope for.

The Xbox 360 comes in two levels, the premium level, and the core level. The Xbox 360 core level package retails for $299.00. The Xbox 360 premium level package retails for $399.99.

At the heart of the new Xbox 360 is its CPU. It includes three different processors that run at 3.2 GHz each. The unit has 512 MB of RAM, which is eight times faster than the older version. Add to this the fact that the Xbox 360 is in HD, offers up a 20 GB hard drive, wireless remote, Ethernet cable, HD AV cable, headset and the incredible live silver subscription, and words are hard to come by in describing the experience.


100GB hard drive for Xbox 360 on the way

When the original Xbox came out, Microsoft's decision to include a hard drive was considered groundbreaking. Previously, it was considered good enough to save game data (such as save games) on small-capacity memory cards, but Microsoft's later integration of the Xbox Live online service added all sorts of extra goodies to put on the hard drive, such as game demos and replays. With the Xbox 360, Microsoft decided to put only a 20GB hard drive in the high-end sku, and none at all in the Core system, leaving some to wonder if Sony would gain the edge with the PS3's 20GB and 60GB standard models. Now, according to a corporate presentation on new 360 peripherals in Korea, Microsoft is planning on delivering a 100GB hard drive add-on for the 360.

The peripheral is enclosed in a sleek, curved shell that plugs directly into the 360.

Doom Cheats, Codes and Secrets - Xbox 360

The following achievements can be earned by playing DOOM on the Xbox 360. Doom is available as an Xbox Live Arcade download in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

CLEAN SLATE - 5 gamerscore points. Kill all monsters in level on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher.
DESTROYER - 10 gamerscore points. Get 100 kills on Xbox Live.
EPISODE FOUR - 25 gamerscore points. Complete Episode 4 on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher.
EPISODE ONE - 25 gamerscore points. Complete Episode 1 on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher.
EPISODE THREE - 25 gamerscore points. Complete Episode 3 on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher.
EPISODE TWO - 25 gamerscore points. Complete Episode 2 on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher.
HOARDER - 5 gamerscore points. Find all items in level.
NEOPHYTE - 20 gamerscore points.

100GB Hard Drive for Xbox Coming

Microsoft announced in Korea Thursday that it plans to deliver a 100-gigabyte hard drive add-on for the Xbox 360. The current premium version of the console comes with a 20GB hard drive. The news came at the company's X06 conference, but no specific timetable was set.

With 100GB of storage, Microsoft could more easily position the Xbox as a full-blown media center for the living room. In addition, users would have more space to store Xbox Live downloads, and potentially even music and video purchases in the future. The add-on is expected to arrive in Korea next March, but a United States launch, as well as pricing, are still unknown.

Xbox Live Hits 4 Million

Microsoft has announced that its Xbox Live service has reached the 4 million subscriber mark. What's more, it expects to log 6 million users by June 2007. It has also stated that 70 percent of its users are downloading content and 9 million voice and text messages are sent weekly.

So the 3rd Gen console war is on the brink of beginning and Microsoft has already declared a significant market foothold. Perhaps going to retail early, with little product, was indeed the way to go? I guess we'll see when the Wii and the PS3 drop.

4m people use Xbox Live [Eurogamer via Kotaku]

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Burger King super-size meals (with Xbox games)

"Would you like an Xbox game with that?" will be the cry ringing out in US Burger King stores from this November, as the fast food chain announce a new deal which will see Value Meals bundled with videogames. From November you'll pay 3.99 USD for games such as Pocketbike Racer, Big Bumpin' and Sneak King - with each title offering a few levels, playable on the traditional Xbox or the new-fangled Xbox 360.

Blitz Games have developed the titles, and they've been made to make use of Burger King's various marketing character creations, so don't expect Mario, Joanna Dark or Sam Fisher to be turning-up anytime soon. It isn't clear whether these games will be launched in European, Australian or Asian Burger King outlets, but as the chain has already splashed the cash on development, it wouldn't be a surprise if they arrived at some point.

Lumines Live Coming To Xbox Arcade Tomorrow

Finally, Lumines Live is going to be available for Xbox 360 users to download and play tomorrow. Being a big fan of the PSP and Mobile version of Lumines, I can't wait to play it on Xbox 360. The new features include new music, new video content, 12 different skins, online multiplayer and leaderboards.

If you're lusting to play Lumines because you've never played it before, no worries, Lumines Live will feature the classic modes from the PSP version, along with skin-edit mode, new mission modes and you'll be able to download new modes and content from Xbox Live Marketplace.

One more thing: Lumines Live will be presented 5.1-surround sound and high definition for your viewing pleasure. Lumines Live sounds like it's going to be the next Geometry Wars. Lumines Live will cost you 1200 Microsoft points, and if you want 22 more skins and the ability to change your music scheme, it'll run the total up to 1800 Microsoft points.

Other Consoles: Xbox 360

Sonic is one of the most famous video game characters that have stood the test of time. Making his debut back in the days of the Sega Genesis, Sonic has seen several installments across all Sega's platoforms. Some thought that the fall of Sega Dreamcast would hurt Sonic's reputation, but only made it more fierced. No longer is he bound to one company's platforms, thus creating another successful avenue for the blue bomber, the likes of which wouldn't of been achieved with Sega's consoles alone. As he continues to make his presence felt, he takes is talent and need for speed to the next generation levels with the PS3 and Xbox 360 in Sonic the Hedgehog. Meanwhile Nintendos Wii will get Sonic and the Secret Rings, which will be exclusive to that console. In this new installment of Sonic for PS3 and Xbox 360 Sonic will encounter once again Shadow the hedgehog and a new character Silver the hedgehog.


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