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0 The Godfather
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0 Hitman Blood Money
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0 Superman Returns The Videogame
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0 Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires
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0 Kingdom Under Fire Circle of Doom
0 Spectral Force 3 Innocent Rage
0 Elveon
0 Eternal Sonata
0 Need for Speed Carbon
0 Test Drive Unlimited
0 Project Gotham Racing 3
0 Fatal Inertia
0 Pocketbike Racer
0 Burnout Revenge
0 Forza Motorsport 2
0 Big Bumpin
0 Need for Speed Most Wanted
0 Ridge Racer 6
0 DIRT Colin McRae Off-Road
0 MotoGP 06
0 Import Tuner Challenge
0 Project Gotham Racing 4
0 Small Arms
0 Dead or Alive 4
0 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
0 Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting
0 Dead or Alive 5
0 Garou Densetsu Special
0 Dead or Alive Code Cronus
0 Kengo Zero
0 King of Fighters Maximum Impact 360
0 Senko No Ronde Rev.X
0 Yie Ar Kung Fu
0 Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
0 Fight Night Round 3
0 Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis
0 Top Spin 2
0 Cabela's African Safari
0 Rapala Trophies
0 Cabela's Alaskan Adventure
0 Rapala Tournament Fishing
0 Virtua Tennis 3
0 Brian Lara International Cricket 2007
0 Cyberball
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0 NBA 2K7
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0 NCAA March Madness 07
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0 College Hoops 2K6

Stallone: 'Rambo' the Godfather of action flicks

The 60-year-old Stallone hit town Friday to talk about his new movie Rocky Balboa, which opens Dec. 20. It's the first Rocky since 1990's Rocky V.

Stallone, who says he loves the Rocky character, insists that Balboa won't be taking any more curtain calls. Stallone also admits that he got trapped in action-hero roles during the '80s, and appeared in the movie that may have launched the whole trend. "I swear to you, the action didn't start until First Blood (1980)," said Stallone. "If you read the book , it didn't register that big as action. The original character was despicable. He was a psychopath, and at the very end, he's killed. He had to be. He was a mad dog.

"By making Rambo likable, that was the birth of something that never would have had a birth. If Rambo had died there wouldn't have been that kind of big action film - and another one and another.

Dead or Alive 4 delayed in Japan

Another setback today for the ever-looming Xbox 360 launch in Japan on December 10th, with the news that Dead or Alive 4, one of the system's key home grown launch titles, has been delayed by a week and will no longer be available on day one. Hardly a major blow, a week is only a week, but nonetheless an irritation for Redmond who have already witnessed several key delays in this region so crucial to the console's success. Around the December 17th mark it is, then, with IGN revealing that the title is now 95% ready to go and is being polished by Tecmo.

Whilst the Xbox 360 launches in Europe on Friday (with severe stock shortages already forecast), Dead or Alive 4 won't be ready for the continent until January. The Japanese day one line-up now consists of: Ridge Racer 6, Every Party, Perfect Dark Zero, FIFA 06, Tetris Grandmaster and Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Women warriors making history for U.S. military

EDITOR'S NOTE: Something is happening, little noticed amid the carnage of Iraq and Afghanistan: Women are playing a far more extensive role in America's military than they did in any other war.

A goodwill mission to deliver kerosene heaters to Iraqi schools erupts into the fiery chaos of a roadside bombing -- and Maj. Mary Prophit shields a comrade so he can rescue a critically burned Iraqi soldier.


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