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Microsoft Xbox Live Vision Camera for Xbox 360

Microsoft's slickly designed Xbox Live Vision for Xbox 360 is a relatively inexpensive, USB Web-cam-style video camera that allows you to video-chat online with other Xbox Live gamers. You can also use the camera to add still images to your text messages and your gamertag picture, not to mention that some upcoming games will allow you to map your face to your in-game player using the camera. We also like the shimmering water effect the camera puts on the background of the Xbox Live menu system, not to mention that when you're in music mode on your Xbox 360, you can play with the visualization with hand gestures. Lastly, the Xbox Live Vision camera can double as a Web cam on your PC or Mac.

PlayStation 3 Info, Launch Releases, and upcoming Cheats

The PlayStation 3 is Sony's newest effort to their highly successful line of PlayStation consoles. The third generation of PlayStation will be released in the United States on November 17, 2006, although it appears that initial quantities will be quite limited. Oddly enough, after stating that they were prepared for a word wide launch, Sony switched the European PS3 release date to March of 2007. Perhaps this is due to Microsoft's somewhat botched launch of the Xbox 360, a direct competitor of the upcoming PS3 unit, along with the Nintendo Wii.

Sony has stated that the PlayStation 3 console will be backwards compatible with all previously released PS One and PS2 video games. The PS3 will come in two flavors, the biggest difference of the two will be the size of the hard drive. The PS3 Basic will have a 20 gig hard drive and the PS3 Premium will have a 60 gig hard drive.

Xbox 360 Will Support 1080p, Upscale Your DVDs and Games

At the Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft revealed some upcoming additions to its Xbox 360 platform, coming by way of software update. The upcoming update will enable 1080p resolution on the 360, allowing your current 360 games to be upscaled to 1080p like the way the console upscales original Xbox games to 720p/1080i.

Also, HD DVD will most likely be played back at 1080p when the HDMI cable is released - or just on their component cables now, we're not sure yet. The system should also be upscaling your current DVD movies to 1080p as well, which will be a welcome addition for most households with HDTVs but no upscaling DVD Player.

TGS: Xbox 360 to add 1080p support, PS3 to lose bullet point [Joystiq]

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The King's XBOX Games!

Fast food chain Burger King announced that they are partnering with Microsoft to add XBOX games to their Value Meal. The King calls it BK XBOX Game Series that will include 3 titles, The Pocketbike Racer, Big Bumpin, and Sneak King. The games bundle will only cost $4 with your Value Meal puchase. The games will be compatible with XBOX and XBOX 360.

[via game-focus]


XBS Talks Tennis with the Producer of Top Spin 2

Top Spin returns for another victory on Xbox 360. Everything you loved is back and better than ever! Top Spin 2 serves up 24 top-ranked athletes like Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova, all four Grand Slams, a multi-season career, and a set of new risk and advanced shots, making this game an unbeatable ace! - from

Top Spin 2 will be available for the Xbox 360 on 4/3/06 (USA) and 4/7/06 (U.K.). Xbox Solution recently had a chance to speak with the Top Spin 2 Producer, Jean-Franois CAPIZZI from Pam Development in Paris France. The following is the text of the interview between Xbox Solution's James Woodcock and Jean-Franois CAPIZZI.

XBS - Top Spin is without a doubt one of my favourite Xbox games. Which is the one new main feature in Top Spin 2's arsenal that impressed you the most?

Jean-Franois - The new main feature which makes a difference between Top Spin and Top Spin 2 is definitely the gameplay itself.

Taiwan market: Microsoft offers discounted Xbox 360 package

Microsoft Taiwan on October 18 announced a discounted price of NT$13,980 (US$422) for a package that includes an Xbox 360 console, two Xbox wireless controllers and the game "Dead or Alive 4," 11.3% lower than the original total market price of NT$15,760. The first time Microsoft Taiwan has offered such a package, the offer is in preparation for the Christmas season and is limited to only 5,000 sets, according to the company.

Microsoft will launch more than 100 Xbox 360 games by the end of this year, according to senior sales manager Grace Chou for the Entertainment & Device Division of Microsoft Taiwan. Of the new games, Gears of War, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 and Blue Dragon will be launched on November 12, the end of November and December 7, respectively, and are immediately available for order at a discount price of NT$1,390 each, Chou noted.

Microsoft takes Xbox 360 on tour

Microsoft is taking Xbox 360 on tour around six UK cities between now and the start of December, giving potential customers from Newcastle to Southampton the chance to try new games like Viva Piñata and Gears of War.

As well as playing games like these, and Xbox Live Arcade titles including Marble Blast Ultra and Street Fighter II, attendees will also be able to sample the new wireless headset, wireless racing wheel and Xbox Live Vision camera.

The Xbox 360 Games Tour kicks off in Manchester between 20th and 24th October at the Trafford Centre, although Gears of War will not be available for those dates.

After that, the tour heads to Newcastle, where it will occupy the Metro Centre between 26th and 29th October, before it spends three days at The Bullring in Birmingham on 3rd, 4th and 5th November.

14:28 Xbox 360 Games Tour coming to the UK! (4)

It may be generally wet, windy and miserable in the UK but the kind folks at Microsoft are doing their very best to put a smile on our faces. By bringing the Xbox 360 tour to the UK they offer gamers a chance to play the latest Xbox 360 games and get a hands on preview of some of the latest accessories.

Here is the press release issued by Microsoft:

If you're fanatical about gaming then start flexing your thumbs; the Xbox 360â„¢ Games Tour is coming to town. Gamers across six UK cities will get the first chance to test the amazing range of killer titles and latest accessories on Xbox 360, the next generation gaming and entertainment console from Microsoft. Up first is Manchester followed by Newcastle, Birmingham, Sheffield, Southampton and finishing up in London.

Pay Half-Price For XBLA Games

Let's face it: at 10 bucks, Doom on XBLA is a bit of a rip. Oh, sure, it's a swell game, and it has a lot of historical cachet. After all, it's the game the cro-magnons first played to learn how to deathmatch. But it's a thousand years old; it's main programmer has withered away from a vibrant young nerd to a desiccated husk. And games should depreciate in value when they get old. This isn't Michalengelo's meconium we're talking about here.

But what if you could only pay 5 bucks? Wouldn't that be kinda worth it? Well, you're in luck: there's a loophole in the XBLA usage restrictions that will let you play downloaded games on other 360s as long as you log in to that system once with your Xbox Live profile. So you transfer the profile to a memory stick, log-in and download the game to that second console.

01:37 Have MS finally cracked the Japanese market? (1)

Things have suddenly taken off for the 360 over in the Land of the Rising Sun, because Xbox 360 units have been selling out, again. But this time, the numbers have been released and it's pretty good. Of course, it's all thanks to Blue Dragon's imminent release on the 7th of December, but what are bundles for?

For those that don't know, Blue Dragon is hotly anticipated because it's an RPG with cute graphics, and we all know how much the Japanese love that kind of thing (in the same way that "anything with guns" type games are so well received everywhere else). It is also being bundled with the newly released Core version that the Japanese didn't originally have. And on top of that, there are some extra goodies included in the bundle, for a limited time only:

A hardware bundle will be available, including the Xbox 360 core system and the Blue Dragon software for a very reasonable price of 29,800 yen (around $250).


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