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New agreement sees The Sims 2 flying above the clouds

22 September 2006 - EA has signed a deal to license its The Sims 2 game and titles to DTI Software for in-flight entertainment.

The agreements will see the games offered on DTI Softwares 62 airline clients. The Sims 2 is the sequel to the number one PC game of all time, The Sims. The partnership means that games, including Poppit, Word Whomp, Phlinx, Tri-Peaks Solitaire, Harvest Mania, Tumble Bees, Great Escapes Solitaire, and Turbo 21 also becomes available to the airlines.

We are delighted to partner with DLI Software and bring some of our most popular games to in-flight entertainment, said Jon Niermann, President of EA Asia Publishing. Now, travellers can enjoy the world of EA when theyre in their living room or above the clouds.

DTI Software VP Louis Belanger-Martin had this to say: The Sims and are two of the most recognised brands in the game world.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Casual Web Games

SEATTLE, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Worried about those really hard-to-shop- for people on your holiday gift list? Struggling to play Santa with limited funds and time? Hoping to spend your money on presents rather than driving to the stores? The answer is simple: "casual" Web games.

Available for personal computers, cellphones and PDAs, casual games are now played regularly by over 150 million consumers -- more than half of whom are women and more than 2/3 of whom are 35 or older. Featuring names like Bejeweled, WordWhomp and Zuma, these puzzle, word, trivia and simple action games are suitable for all ages, are inexpensive (usually $20 or less), and can be loaded directly onto a computer or mobile device in a couple of minutes.

Just in time for the holidays, PopCap Games ( ), the leader in casual games, has added a printable/email-able gift certificate to its website.

XBS Talks Tennis with the Producer of Top Spin 2

Top Spin returns for another victory on Xbox 360. Everything you loved is back and better than ever! Top Spin 2 serves up 24 top-ranked athletes like Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova, all four Grand Slams, a multi-season career, and a set of new risk and advanced shots, making this game an unbeatable ace! - from

Top Spin 2 will be available for the Xbox 360 on 4/3/06 (USA) and 4/7/06 (U.K.). Xbox Solution recently had a chance to speak with the Top Spin 2 Producer, Jean-Franois CAPIZZI from Pam Development in Paris France. The following is the text of the interview between Xbox Solution's James Woodcock and Jean-Franois CAPIZZI.

XBS - Top Spin is without a doubt one of my favourite Xbox games. Which is the one new main feature in Top Spin 2's arsenal that impressed you the most?

Jean-Franois - The new main feature which makes a difference between Top Spin and Top Spin 2 is definitely the gameplay itself.

Taiwan market: Microsoft offers discounted Xbox 360 package

Microsoft Taiwan on October 18 announced a discounted price of NT$13,980 (US$422) for a package that includes an Xbox 360 console, two Xbox wireless controllers and the game "Dead or Alive 4," 11.3% lower than the original total market price of NT$15,760. The first time Microsoft Taiwan has offered such a package, the offer is in preparation for the Christmas season and is limited to only 5,000 sets, according to the company.

Microsoft will launch more than 100 Xbox 360 games by the end of this year, according to senior sales manager Grace Chou for the Entertainment & Device Division of Microsoft Taiwan. Of the new games, Gears of War, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 and Blue Dragon will be launched on November 12, the end of November and December 7, respectively, and are immediately available for order at a discount price of NT$1,390 each, Chou noted.

PlayStation 3 Info, Launch Releases, and upcoming Cheats

The PlayStation 3 is Sony's newest effort to their highly successful line of PlayStation consoles. The third generation of PlayStation will be released in the United States on November 17, 2006, although it appears that initial quantities will be quite limited. Oddly enough, after stating that they were prepared for a word wide launch, Sony switched the European PS3 release date to March of 2007. Perhaps this is due to Microsoft's somewhat botched launch of the Xbox 360, a direct competitor of the upcoming PS3 unit, along with the Nintendo Wii.

Sony has stated that the PlayStation 3 console will be backwards compatible with all previously released PS One and PS2 video games. The PS3 will come in two flavors, the biggest difference of the two will be the size of the hard drive. The PS3 Basic will have a 20 gig hard drive and the PS3 Premium will have a 60 gig hard drive.

Poker Strategies - The Art of Bluffing

In order to really understand the competitive beauty of poker, you need to accept the fact that a good liar can make a great poker player. Acting like you've got something - or pretending like you don't - can take you a long way in a poker tournament, so becoming an expert in bluffing can almost guarantee at least mild success. Personally I love to bluff; it stirs the pot and keeps people from getting a pinpoint idea of the cards you are playing. If you win a hand or two with a solid bluff and your opponent knows this, you're letting your opponent know that you are not afraid of losing and that "you won't be pushed around".

So what is a bluff? Bluffing is representing what you don't have, hoping to win a pot you have no business winning. But remember, your bluffs have to make sense.

PRESS RELEASE: Hail of Bullets Software Purchases Ferion; Launches Free to Play Arenas!

October 18th 2006, Hail of Bullets Software, is proud to announce the acquision of Ferion,, the deepest, most strategic and involving space game on the web. Ferion is a hugely successful browser based 4x strategy game, online since 2000. November will mark the start of the very first completely FREE arenas with absolutely no charges involved. Sign up at

Ferion is a turn based multiplayer game that requires tactics, diplomacy and skill. The game is played in your browser, without downloading anything. If you can read a web page, you can play Ferion.

Players start as the leader of a planetary race. The goal is to explore the universe, invent new technologies, build up new planets, design, build and manage fleets, deal with other empires, form alliances and defend against pirate hordes.

Strange Flavour working on two more 360 camera games

Other titles supporting the camera include UNO, which is provided free with the peripheral, World Series Poker from Activision, Ubisoft's Rainbow Six: Vegas and Texas Hold 'Em, which is expected to receive an auto-update within weeks.

Speaking at a launch event in Central London this morning, Microsoft revealed that other publishers are currently considering how to make use of the camera, with EA Sports said to be "thinking about it."

One thing that isn't being planned at the moment is cross-platform chats between Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 users, despite the fact that the camera itself works with Windows as a simple USB webcam.

The Xbox Live Vision camera is available from Friday priced GBP 34.99 and comes with an Xbox Live headset, a copy of UNO and one month free Xbox Live Gold access.

Rec sports calendar

Olympia-Tumwater Babe Ruth Baseball is looking for coaches, volunteers, sponsors and board members for the 2007 season. The program is for players 13-15 years old. Call 360-754-1166.

Washington State University will host a two-day hitting camp at En Fuego Sports Complex in Olympia on Nov. 11-12. Camp options available for ages 8-18. Call 509-335-0216.

Pepsi Select 14-15 team is looking for players for its 2007 summer team. Schedule includes 50 games and travel. Call Whitey at 360-951-3213 or e-mail

En Fuego Indoor Sports Complex offers various team packages which include team strength and conditioning with Pro Active Sports Med and use of the complex for practices. Complex also available for soccer, fastpitch and slowpitch. Individual baseball fundamentals training also available.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Cheats - Xbox 360 at a Price

Electronic Arts made a new move in the video game industry with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 when they made the decision to charge for downloadable cheat codes. This opens the door for gamers to ask many questions about the future of on-line gaming, and more questions about the monetary impacts to the industry itself.

For a certain number of Microsoft Points via the Xbox Live Marketplace gamers can download cheat codes for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, unlocking various items within the game. Here is what is available on the Marketplace: Own Everything in the Pro Shop - 300 points. Sunday Tiger - Marketplace Exclusive - 240 points. Unlock Courses - 200 points. Unlock Golfers - 200 points. Maxed Out Player - 200 points.

So there you have it, pay an additional 1,140 Microsoft Points (in addition to the cost of the game) and you virtually have everything unlocked and a super stats player (with all stats set to 110).


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