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LUXOR, one of the most downloaded games of 2005, will finally be ...

October 17, 2006 - Premium casual game developer and publisher, MumboJumbo today announced it plans to bring its best-selling casual games franchises to the PSP system. MumboJumbo's first two releases, LUXOR: Wrath of Set and Platypus, will be available in mid November. .

In Stores: FIFA 07

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (AP) - The World Cup may be ancient history by now, but for real football fans -- and in this case, we mean what people some call soccer -- the passion for the game never cools.

Video game players who have a similar love for the sport have a new outlet for their fervor.

FIFA 07 puts players into the middle of a full soccer campaign, complete with the heated rivalries between some of the world's most talented teams. The game's artificial intelligence has been overhauled, to make the game more realistic. That means you'll have to tune your mind into that of a real soccer player in order to have success on the pitch.

The title from EA Sports is crafted for the Sony PlayStation2, the Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and for the personal computer.

XBS Talks Tennis with the Producer of Top Spin 2

Top Spin returns for another victory on Xbox 360. Everything you loved is back and better than ever! Top Spin 2 serves up 24 top-ranked athletes like Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova, all four Grand Slams, a multi-season career, and a set of new risk and advanced shots, making this game an unbeatable ace! - from

Top Spin 2 will be available for the Xbox 360 on 4/3/06 (USA) and 4/7/06 (U.K.). Xbox Solution recently had a chance to speak with the Top Spin 2 Producer, Jean-Franois CAPIZZI from Pam Development in Paris France. The following is the text of the interview between Xbox Solution's James Woodcock and Jean-Franois CAPIZZI.

XBS - Top Spin is without a doubt one of my favourite Xbox games. Which is the one new main feature in Top Spin 2's arsenal that impressed you the most?

Jean-Franois - The new main feature which makes a difference between Top Spin and Top Spin 2 is definitely the gameplay itself.

Poker Strategies - The Art of Bluffing

In order to really understand the competitive beauty of poker, you need to accept the fact that a good liar can make a great poker player. Acting like you've got something - or pretending like you don't - can take you a long way in a poker tournament, so becoming an expert in bluffing can almost guarantee at least mild success. Personally I love to bluff; it stirs the pot and keeps people from getting a pinpoint idea of the cards you are playing. If you win a hand or two with a solid bluff and your opponent knows this, you're letting your opponent know that you are not afraid of losing and that "you won't be pushed around".

So what is a bluff? Bluffing is representing what you don't have, hoping to win a pot you have no business winning. But remember, your bluffs have to make sense.

Review: Xbox Live Unplugged Vol 1

Xbox 360: You've got your Xbox 360 and some games for it, but you'd really like to try out these arcade games on Xbox Live Arcade you've heard so much about but you don't have Broadband internet to download them. What do you do?

You could go round to a mate's house, he's got Broadband , or you could get a copy of Xbox Live Unplugged Volume 1 a compilation of some of Live's arcade games, all on one handy, dandy DVD.

The games are Geometry Wars, Retro Evolved, sort of like asteroids on acid; platformers Wik: Fable of Souls; Outpost Kaloki X, a city builder set in space. Thing Tycoon in space; Bejewelled 2 Deluxe, a puzzle game where you have to form combinations with jewels; Hardwood Backgammon; and Texas Hold 'em, a poker game that is also compatible with the Xbox Live Vision camera which is coming out this month.

Billboard album reviews: Jimmy Buffett



NEW YORK (Billboard) - 2004's "License to Chill" was the first No. 1 album of Jimmy Buffett's three-decade career, so it's no surprise that he goes country again for a set that's breezy even by his flip-floppy standards. "Weather" is heavy on covers but boasts a wider palette of them, as Buffett works in Crowded House ("Weather With You," incongruously featuring Gomez), Mark Knopfler (who penned and plays on the gorgeous "Whoop Dee Doo"), Merle Haggard ("Silver Wings") and Guy Clark ("Cinco de Mayo in Memphis"). There's a nice sense of self-awareness here; "It seems I've run out of reasons to be here, so I'm just gonna steal from myself," he smirks in the faux-calypso "Party at the End of the World," before tossing off a quick rhyme about attitudes and latitudes.

Even as Mets play in NLCS, still thinking about free-agent market

ST. LOUIS (AP) - Mets general manager Omar Minaya walked into Dominic's, an Italian restaurant in the Hill section of St. Louis along with Jeff Wilpon, Tony Bernazard and some of their top staff following the Game 5 rainout in the NL championship series.

"There was nobody around," Wilpon said Tuesday. "Maybe three or four tables. Tony was like 'Are we allowed to talk?' It was that quiet." Even as the Mets were playing St. Louis in NLCS, they already are meeting to focus on the free-agent market and building their roster for 2007.

After adding Pedro Martinez, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado and Billy Wagner during his first two offseasons as general manager, Minaya must decide which players to pursue in a free-agent group that includes pitcher Barry Zito and second baseman/outfielder Alfonso Soriano.


Oct. 16, 2006 - Whether you're a Picasso or a Pikachu, Nintendo's latest creative contest will help your inner artist shine. To spark the creativity of Pokmon fans, Nintendo and photo-sharing site SmugMug are hosting a Pokmon Mystery Dungeon Detectives contest starting today.

The new Pokmon Mystery Dungeon video game for Nintendo DS Lite and Game Boy Advance SP asks the question, "What if you woke up one day and you were a Pokmon?" For the first time, players play as an actual Pokmon. They can even talk and interact with other Pokmon. In the SmugMug Pokmon Mystery Dungeon Detectives contest, fans are invited to create photos or artwork depicting their own stories about why they were turned into a Pokmon and what life is like as a Pokmon.

The contest runs today through Nov.

Star Trek: Encounters for PS2 video game review and cheats

I'm always a fan of good game play and I particularly love innovation, so I was doubly disappointed by Encounters. In essence, this game is an arcade style ship combat game where you pilot one of the famous Star Trek ships through missions heavy in combat, tedium, and annoyance. Unlike Starfleet Battles, this game is fast paced and combative. I can't quite sum it up, but the experience is quite original. Unfortunately, it is hampered only by the fact that the developers didn't seem to know what to do with it.

Game play is tweaked such that running around with your engines set to max speed is all you really need to survive, as some basic twitch gaming skills will see you through a tough combat. Even so, you'll still need luck and persistence. Anything truly difficult can be interrupted by the AI, making restarts common.

Youth clinics, registrations starting Thursday, Oct. 12

Batter's Box, Hamden, taking registration for annual 12-week Winter Hitting Camp, runs December-March; and Winter Pitchers & Catchers Camp, 8 weeks January-March. Call Bob Turcio, 248-2398.

IST Baseball, Norwalk, Rocco Baldelli of Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and other Major League players, skills clinic and autographs, Nov. 4. $75. Call Glenn Katz, 856-7104, email (

Garden State Baseball League Fall Wood Bat Tournament, Oct. 21 pool play, Oct. 22 single elimination. In and around Woodbridge. AAU, high school, men's teams welcome, ages 13 and up. Call Marla (732) 382-4610, email (

Late Fall Pioneer Baseball Camp, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield. For ages 5-12, $110, Oct. 22, 29, Nov. 5, 12. Staffed by SHU players and coaches. Call Nick Giaquinto, 365-7632.

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