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PlayStation 3 Info, Launch Releases, and upcoming Cheats

The PlayStation 3 is Sony's newest effort to their highly successful line of PlayStation consoles. The third generation of PlayStation will be released in the United States on November 17, 2006, although it appears that initial quantities will be quite limited. Oddly enough, after stating that they were prepared for a word wide launch, Sony switched the European PS3 release date to March of 2007. Perhaps this is due to Microsoft's somewhat botched launch of the Xbox 360, a direct competitor of the upcoming PS3 unit, along with the Nintendo Wii.

Sony has stated that the PlayStation 3 console will be backwards compatible with all previously released PS One and PS2 video games. The PS3 will come in two flavors, the biggest difference of the two will be the size of the hard drive. The PS3 Basic will have a 20 gig hard drive and the PS3 Premium will have a 60 gig hard drive.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Ushers in Exclusive New Worlds of ...

On the shores of one of the world's most artistic and progressive cities, Microsoft has thrilled attendees at its annual X06 event with announcements and gameplay experiences by inviting everyone to play the next generation now on the Xbox 360 system. The announcements highlight how the world's greatest game creators are stretching the bounds of what's possible in high definition and online storytelling and included the following:
- A landmark partnership announced between Academy Award-winning writer, director and producer Peter Jackson, Academy Award-winning screenwriter Fran Walsh, and Microsoft Game Studios will create two new interactive entertainment series exclusively for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. The first series will be a collaborative effort with Bungie Studios to co-create the next great chapter in the "Halo" universe.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Cheats - Xbox 360 at a Price

Electronic Arts made a new move in the video game industry with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 when they made the decision to charge for downloadable cheat codes. This opens the door for gamers to ask many questions about the future of on-line gaming, and more questions about the monetary impacts to the industry itself.

For a certain number of Microsoft Points via the Xbox Live Marketplace gamers can download cheat codes for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, unlocking various items within the game. Here is what is available on the Marketplace: Own Everything in the Pro Shop - 300 points. Sunday Tiger - Marketplace Exclusive - 240 points. Unlock Courses - 200 points. Unlock Golfers - 200 points. Maxed Out Player - 200 points.

So there you have it, pay an additional 1,140 Microsoft Points (in addition to the cost of the game) and you virtually have everything unlocked and a super stats player (with all stats set to 110).

Microsoft adds an HD player for Xbox console

TOKYO -- Microsoft Corp. is introducing an external high-definition DVD player for the Xbox 360 video game console to match the Blu-ray disc functions of Sony Corp.'s upcoming PlayStation 3. The software maker also announced Wednesday it will launch the Xbox 360 in India this week and in Africa next week.

The rollout plans come as the company tries to shore up sales ahead of the arrival later this year of next-generation machines by its two top rivals -- Sony and Nintendo Co.

The basic Xbox 360 doesn't come with high-definition DVD capability. The new Microsoft peripheral, to be launched in Japan on Nov. 22, is based on the HD DVD standard, a rival technology to the Blu-ray format Sony is using for the HD player built into its anxiously awaited upgrade to the PlayStation line.

Hollywood Poker stops accepting US players

In response to approval of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, Hollywood Poker announced that it would no longer accept players living in the United States. The poker room's FAQ is as follows:

Why can I still play Real Money games from the US?
We are currently building the technical functionality that will enable the ability to limit the types of games offered to players by geography. We expect this functionality to be in place within the next 30 days.

Can US players play in the free money games?
Yes free money games are not impacted.

Can U.S. players still play in Free rolls?
Yes until the U.S. accounts are suspended.

Why can I play but not deposit?
We currently have the technical functionality to suspend deposits by geography.

Area sports briefs

The seventh grade team was led by Shelby Seaman, who scored a team high eight points with Raelyn Poltrock and Lexi Thompson both adding in four points.Shannon Lowry and Breanna Sanders scored eight points each to lead Mattoon's eighth grade girls' basketball team.Both Mattoon teams are 10-2 and are to travel to Sigel Tuesday with the seventh grade contest which is to start at 6 p.m.Seventh gradeMattoon 6 1 8 8 -23Tuscola 2 2 4 9 -17MATTOON: Morgan Davis 3, Claire Kidwell 2, Shelby Seaman 8, Jena Evilsizer 2, Raelyn Poltrock 4, Lexi Thompson 4Eighth gradeTuscola 4 0 8 3 15Mattoon 13 8 8 8 37MATTOON: Whitney Godden 2; Paige Roytek 5; Tiffany Wolf 6; Ashley Lasco 2; Shannon Lowry 8; Kaitlyn Bradd 2; Ashley Warrem 4; Breanna Sanders 8Tuesday's resultSeventh gradeSullivan 0 6 2 7 15Mattoon 6 4 6 11 27MATTOON: Morgan Davis 2; Courtney Considine 2; Shelby Seaman 13; Raelyn Poltrock 4; Kaylee Wilford 2; Lexi Thompson 4Wave freshmen lose by sixMATTOON -- Normal West defeated Mattoon's freshman football team 25-19 Thursday.The Green Wave freshmen finished 2-7.Normal West 7 12 6 0 - 25Mattoon 6 6 0 7 - 19Mattoon scoringM n Desmond McDonald 72 run (kick failed)M n Lucas Voudrie 4 pass from Hunter Davis (kick failed)M n Rocky Reynolds 5 run (McDonald kick)

Sims on a Mother F'n Plane

September 24, 2006 - EA announced that it is going to bring The Sims to in-flight entertainment whereas people traveling on planes can, well; play The Sims games: Today Electronic Arts and DTI Software (provider of in-flight entertainment) announced a partnership that will bring The Sims 2 and titles from (EA's casual games site) to airlines worldwide.

EA could not provide any details about what The Sims 2 on a plane would be like, but a representative confirmed for us that it would be controlled as most in-flight games are: passengers will use the remote control attached to their arm rest and view the game on the screen attached to the back of the seat in front of them.

Sony busts down mod-chip retailer with $9 mil. lawsuit

Everybody's favorite far-reaching, possibly free speech-infringing law, the DMCA, is being put to use again for busting down on Divineo, a seller of mod-chips. Sony has slapped them with a $9 million lawsuit for selling the chips, along with HDLoader, which allows a PS2 to rip games and store them to a HDD for "jukebox" access. Until recently, Divineo was selling a whole bevy of Xbox, Xbox 360, PSOne, PS2, GameCube and other system mod-chips. They've also got other slightly more innocuous devices like that snazzy 4GB DS-Xtreme which gives you homebrew action on the DS without any hacking. Though, we're not sure such attempts of theirs at semi-legibility will do much to appease Sony. There's no official response from Divineo yet, but since they're a France-based company, it seems like the best Sony can do with the DMCA is get them out of the states.

PS2 Preview: Guitar Hero II

Saying that Guitar Hero is a platinum hit is not far from the truth. The white-hot game has sold about one million units in North America and Europe.In less than a year, RedOctane and Harmonix has taken the rock world by storm, pushing the rhythm/music genre past standard barriers.The broad appeal of the Guitar Hero brand will continue with the sure-to-be hit Guitar Hero II, dropping November 7.This second game has many more tracks, and feels like they got the music they really wanted for the first game. Going with the "more" theme, there are more characters, more guitars, more venues, and more tracks to unlock.Forty of the 64 total tracks are licensed, and the genres covered are broader than in the first game. This is a nice leap from the 47 total songs in the first game.Career mode has seen a redesign, and multiplayer has seen a major addition: co-op play.

Hands-on with Microsoft's Xmas Line-up

I was fortunate enough to spend most of today in a penthouse apartment overlooking the Thames whilst playing a bunch of upcoming 360 titles. Theres some really great games shimmering on the horizon for 360 gamers, so read on to get my views on how complete they are and whether they will live up to the hype. Gears of War Gears of War is being billed as the flagship of the second wave of 360 titles. The Microsoft employees who were there openly admitted that the initial plan was to launch Gears of War on the same day as Playstation 3 (late November) - however, due to the PS3 launch problems, that will now not be the case. Microsoft ran through a demo of how the in-game engine works and then set up a multiplayer game for us to kill one another in. I have to say I was really impressed with the graphics.


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