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PRESS RELEASE: MumboJumbo Ships Puzzle Game Cubis 2

Dallas, TX - Oct 19, 2006 Premium casual game developer and publisher MumboJumbo today announced that Cubis 2, the sequel to the original hit puzzle game Cubis and previously only available online, is now shipping to the retail channel for the PC.

“Cubis 2 delivers the next dimension of classic 3D-esque matching games,” said Mark Cottam, MumboJumbo’s CEO. “It is highly rated by users and has all the great qualities we look for in a top-notch casual game.”

Developed by Fresh Games and published by MumboJumbo, the highly addictive Cubis 2 has players matching colored cubes vertically and horizontally on a grid against the clock. Cubis 2 introduces three new puzzle twists with over 300 action-packed levels for hours of mind-bending fun.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Casual Web Games

SEATTLE, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Worried about those really hard-to-shop- for people on your holiday gift list? Struggling to play Santa with limited funds and time? Hoping to spend your money on presents rather than driving to the stores? The answer is simple: "casual" Web games.

Available for personal computers, cellphones and PDAs, casual games are now played regularly by over 150 million consumers -- more than half of whom are women and more than 2/3 of whom are 35 or older. Featuring names like Bejeweled, WordWhomp and Zuma, these puzzle, word, trivia and simple action games are suitable for all ages, are inexpensive (usually $20 or less), and can be loaded directly onto a computer or mobile device in a couple of minutes.

Just in time for the holidays, PopCap Games ( ), the leader in casual games, has added a printable/email-able gift certificate to its website.

Pay Half-Price For XBLA Games

Let's face it: at 10 bucks, Doom on XBLA is a bit of a rip. Oh, sure, it's a swell game, and it has a lot of historical cachet. After all, it's the game the cro-magnons first played to learn how to deathmatch. But it's a thousand years old; it's main programmer has withered away from a vibrant young nerd to a desiccated husk. And games should depreciate in value when they get old. This isn't Michalengelo's meconium we're talking about here.

But what if you could only pay 5 bucks? Wouldn't that be kinda worth it? Well, you're in luck: there's a loophole in the XBLA usage restrictions that will let you play downloaded games on other 360s as long as you log in to that system once with your Xbox Live profile. So you transfer the profile to a memory stick, log-in and download the game to that second console.

12:26 Xbox Live is back, let the world rejoice! (0)

As reported earlier, Xbox Live was unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. It's now our pleasure to report that Xbox Live is back and with it Lumines Live is now available for your downloading pleasure. Update: is back as well but you can't sign in yet.

Record Breaking $2 Million Jackpot Up for Grabs in First Ever ...

CASHOLA, Oct. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Cashola, the first ever multi-state progressive video lottery game to be offered among U.S. states, has reached a record breaking jackpot of over $2 million and will continue to grow until won. Sales of the popular game began in July at venues located in the video lottery states of Delaware, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. Ca$hola features a shared prize pool that creates the progressive jackpot game that can be won by players in all three states.

Cashola is the first game to tie together video lottery terminals (VLT's) from different manufacturers and different central computer systems located in different jurisdictions. While each of the three participating states have operated progressive jackpot games at a single location and also at multiple locations within their respective jurisdictions, the $2 million jackpot is the largest ever offered in these jurisdictions.

The History Of Poker

Poker is unquestionably the most popular casino card game in the history of the gaming world. Its rich history has contributed to this immense popularity.

Poker is the hottest casino game at present and was voted as the most popular casino game in 2005. Due to the increased popularity of televised poker tournaments, the World Series of Poker contest and the ever-growing Online Casino industry, poker has never been more in demand. There are currently hundreds of variations of poker offered at land casinos and in the remote gambling scene, all which stem from the same game.

Poker is believed to have originated from a number of vying card games in the late Middle Ages. Pochen was a game which was played in Germany in the 15th century with a unique staking board. This game has three stages: payment for being dealt the best card, vying who had the best combination and then playing the cards out.

Two Million Questions: Poker Responds

It's been about two weeks since we released our first three articles on the two million extra chips introduced into the 2006 WSOP Main Event. We have gotten feedback from a lot of different segments of the poker community and we thought, in order to further the conversation, we would share what we have been hearing. First, it seems only appropriate to report what we have heard from Harrah's. WSOP Director of Communications Gary Thompson sent PokerNews a brief official response to the articles: "We are taking this matter very seriously and are conducting an internal investigation. As soon as that investigation is complete, we'll have more .

Lumines Live! on Xbox Marketplace

Lumines Live! for Xbox Live Arcade is now available for 1200 Microsoft Points. The newest addition to the blockbuster franchise from Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Q Entertainment features puzzles, modes, exclusive music videos and full online multiplayer play over Xbox Live. The game also has an exclusive feature that records high score gameplay in the Time Attack Mode which can be downloaded and played back by any other player.

Lumines Live! combines puzzles, music and video entertainment. Play several different single player modes, battle friends online over Xbox Live, create your own skins playlist in the all-new Skin Edit Mode, and experience new ways to play via exclusive downloadable content to enhance and extend the gameplay experience.

For 600 points, gamers can change their music scene and purchase the Advance Pack from Xbox Live Marketplace for 22 new skins.

Game review: Sam and Max: Culture Shock

Sam and Max Hit the Road was one of the classic adventure games back in the day, and any mention of it to PC gaming enthusiasts is bound to make their eye light up; after that they'll probably give you as many quotes as you can stand. It was a great game, but of course adventure gaming isn't exactly a booming business these days. The sequel was started, canned, and then ultimately picked up by GameTap to be an episodic experience. The first episode was released yesterday, and will be free to existing GameTap subscribers, or you can wait two weeks to buy the episode from TellTale games for $9, or pick up the entire "season" for $35. Since I subscribe to GameTap, this is basically value-added for me, and there is nothing in the world like waking up in the morning to play what amounts to a free Sam and Max update.

Microsoft Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive

Attempting to counter the Blu-ray boost that's likely to come with the PlayStation 3 launch, Microsoft is presenting its own affordable next-gen video option in the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player. The external player is due out in late November for $200 and will come with a copy of King Kong on HD-DVD as well as the Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote. The drive connects via USB to the Xbox 360 system, which runs $300 to $400.

Upside: At a combined cost of $500 to $600, the Xbox 360 and HD-DVD represent a terrific bundled value. For the price of an entry-level HD-DVD player--the Toshiba HD-A1-- you can get a next-gen gaming console and an HD-DVD disc player. Making the HD-DVD drive external just makes good business sense for Microsoft. Unlike the upcoming PlayStation 3, the addition of the next-gen movie player is completely optional, meaning that gamers can play high-def games for a few hundred dollars less, or watch high-def movies for the same price. Gratis Bingo


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