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PS3 to launch with free online gaming and 21 games

Those who were concerned that they might be forced to play mainly PS2 games on their new premium price PS3 console can stop worrying. Sony has revealed that there will be at least 21 games available in the US on launch day November 17. In addition the provision of free online gaming may be Sony's ace card.

Mod chip seller hit with million-dollar damages

Mod chip seller Divineo and two other defendants are on the hook for over $9 million in damages after a federal court judge found that they had violated the DMCA by selling mod chips for consoles. The defendants were accused by Sony of trafficking in mod chips as well as the application HDLoader, which allows owners of the PlayStation 2 console to rip and store PS2 games on a hard drive attached to the system.

Divineo is a company based in France that sells parts, accessories, and until recently, mod chips for the Xbox, Xbox 360, PSOne, PS2, GameCube, and other systems.

Although gamers like HDLoader because it allows them to quickly and conveniently access their entire game collections from a hard drive, Sony hates it because of the potential for piracy. HDLoader turns your PS2 into a game jukebox, as Ben said in his review, but the fact that it is also a portable jukebox that can be connected to any system troubles Sony and the Entertainment Software Association immensely.

Sony Computer Entertainment America Announces the Availability of ...

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Oct. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today the North American release of Gangs of London(TM), exclusively for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. Created by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's London Studio, developers of The Getaway franchise, Gangs of London is designed specifically for the PSP system. Presented in gritty graphic-novel style narratives, Gangs of London provides gamers with a unique visual presentation and dynamic storylines. Built from the ground up for the PSP system, gamers will play through over 60 different missions that will immerse them into the elite criminal underworld of modern day London. Complete with new gameplay modes, Gangs of London gives each player an original portable gaming experience by introducing tactical squad-based gameplay into the Action/Driving genre.

News for nerds, stuff that matters

Tom Leupold, writing for the Inside Bay Area site, explores why videogames have become an American bogeyman. Talking with prof. Dmitri Williams, he discusses the rise, fall, and resurrection of games as a part of mainstream society. From the article: "Today, as games have once again infiltrated the mainstream, a growing number of adults are again enjoying gaming and understand there are games that are appropriate for different age groups. But that hasn't stopped crusaders from trying to censor them in the name of 'saving' the children. Williams, 34, said those under 38 have a different view of games than their elders. Most have grown up with games and, like television for the previous generation, games are embedded in their culture.

The History Of Poker

Poker is unquestionably the most popular casino card game in the history of the gaming world. Its rich history has contributed to this immense popularity.

Poker is the hottest casino game at present and was voted as the most popular casino game in 2005. Due to the increased popularity of televised poker tournaments, the World Series of Poker contest and the ever-growing Online Casino industry, poker has never been more in demand. There are currently hundreds of variations of poker offered at land casinos and in the remote gambling scene, all which stem from the same game.

Poker is believed to have originated from a number of vying card games in the late Middle Ages. Pochen was a game which was played in Germany in the 15th century with a unique staking board. This game has three stages: payment for being dealt the best card, vying who had the best combination and then playing the cards out.

PS3 media capabilities explored

The PlayStation 3 is just over three weeks from release in Japan, so unsurprisingly units have begun to find their way into the hands of Japanese press, including Impress Game Watch, which has produced a rather nice report on the media capabilities of the console.

Starting with the basic stuff, the PS3 is able to rip CDs to its hard drive into a number of formats, very much in the same fashion of the Xbox and Xbox 360 - although now almost a given, it is a first for the PlayStation. The PS3 can also access files from a PSP and playback a range of formats including MP3, AAC and ATRAC3 up to bit-rates of 352Kbps. The PS3 will also check an online database to retrieve album and track info, auto updating your collection with the correct information.

Sticking on the subject of audio, the report also reveals set-up options to suit your home theatre or lack of.

100GB Hard Drive for Xbox Coming

Microsoft announced in Korea Thursday that it plans to deliver a 100-gigabyte hard drive add-on for the Xbox 360. The current premium version of the console comes with a 20GB hard drive. The news came at the company's X06 conference, but no specific timetable was set.

With 100GB of storage, Microsoft could more easily position the Xbox as a full-blown media center for the living room. In addition, users would have more space to store Xbox Live downloads, and potentially even music and video purchases in the future. The add-on is expected to arrive in Korea next March, but a United States launch, as well as pricing, are still unknown.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Xbox 360 Cheats - GRAW ...

Below is a list of the Xbox 360 achievements that can be earned in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Different achievement points can be won on different difficulty settings in the game.

Capture Ontiveros [hard mode] Capture General Ontiveros alive.

Capture Ontiveros [normal mode] Capture General Ontiveros alive.

Clear The Way [hard mode] Clear access to rebel HQ.

Clear The Way [normal mode] Clear access to rebel HQ.

Committed [multi player mode] Play for 8 hours straight in multiplayer.

Complete The Training Mission [any mode] Complete the training mission.

Coop 1-1 Win missions in the cooperative campaign.

Coop 1-2 Win missions in the cooperative campaign.

Coop 1-3 Win missions in the cooperative campaign.

Coop 1-4 Win missions in the cooperative campaign.

Acclaim Announces DANCE

When we heard the news that Acclaim, the once defunct brand that brought us such franchises as Turok and Extreme G, would be resurrected as a PC gaming company, it was as if the Phoenix had risen from the ashes...little did we know it was going to go all psycho on us like Jean Grey. Acclaim has revealed DANCE, the latest in their arsenal of free, online games, and it can be summed up in a single word: evil. Read on with caution, as the full press release follows:

Acclaim Games announces a free massively multiplayer online dancing game for your PC featuring the hottest music and coolest dance moves. DANCE! will be the first massively multiplayer online dancing game to be released in the US, matching millions of players against each other in dance battles across cyberspace. DANCE! is targeted to music lovers and online gamers looking to tear up the virtual dance floor. Launches Web Games for Kids introducing a new series of web games for kids, teen ages and for game lovers. features children's animated action games, puzzles, card games, pogo games and many other that are designed to be fun while teaching them about the importance of playing games. introducing a new series of web games for kids, teen ages and for game lovers. features children's animated action games, puzzles, card games, pogo games and many other that are designed to be fun while teaching them about the importance of playing is a leading online games site which has got all the recent and digital games for kids. The animated game, The Great Escape Mazes, Word Decoder, Puzzle, Coloring pages, and Cow Bop also appear in the five other new games at addition to games, site offers a variety of free information and guidelines on the importance of games for children and teens most available and can be viewed online.


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