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Get ready to build your fantasy team

So you've been hearing about this fantasy football thing for a while now and finally decided it was time to get your feet wet. Get ready to build your fantasy team By Mike Bowen TIMES WEST VIRGINIAN (FAIRMONT, W.V.) FAIRMONT, W.V. — So you've been hearing about this fantasy football thing for a while now and finally decided it was time to get your feet wet. An estimated 8.5 million people can't possibly be wrong, right?

Sony Computer Entertainment America Announces Extensive Line Up of Game Titles for PLAYSTATION(R)3

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) today announced its debut game titles and unveiled the online strategy for its highly anticipated PLAYSTATION(R)3 (PS3(TM)) system, the company's groundbreaking computer entertainment system which will be available in North America on November 17, 2006.

More than 20 first- and third-party PS3 titles will be available through the holidays, resulting in the most robust software line-up ever offered by a new console at launch. The launch catalog encompasses the most popular game genres, featuring industry leading franchises as well as new intellectual properties to be released exclusively on PS3, with most titles expected to retail under $60.

"Our line-up of PS3 games that will be available through the holidays is unprecedented in terms of volume, variety and innovation, surpassing any previous competitive launch catalog and even our own original offerings for other PlayStation(R) platforms," said Kaz Hirai, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Mod chip seller hit with million-dollar damages

Mod chip seller Divineo and two other defendants are on the hook for over $9 million in damages after a federal court judge found that they had violated the DMCA by selling mod chips for consoles. The defendants were accused by Sony of trafficking in mod chips as well as the application HDLoader, which allows owners of the PlayStation 2 console to rip and store PS2 games on a hard drive attached to the system.

Divineo is a company based in France that sells parts, accessories, and until recently, mod chips for the Xbox, Xbox 360, PSOne, PS2, GameCube, and other systems.

Although gamers like HDLoader because it allows them to quickly and conveniently access their entire game collections from a hard drive, Sony hates it because of the potential for piracy. HDLoader turns your PS2 into a game jukebox, as Ben said in his review, but the fact that it is also a portable jukebox that can be connected to any system troubles Sony and the Entertainment Software Association immensely.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Casual Web Games

SEATTLE, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Worried about those really hard-to-shop- for people on your holiday gift list? Struggling to play Santa with limited funds and time? Hoping to spend your money on presents rather than driving to the stores? The answer is simple: "casual" Web games.

Available for personal computers, cellphones and PDAs, casual games are now played regularly by over 150 million consumers -- more than half of whom are women and more than 2/3 of whom are 35 or older. Featuring names like Bejeweled, WordWhomp and Zuma, these puzzle, word, trivia and simple action games are suitable for all ages, are inexpensive (usually $20 or less), and can be loaded directly onto a computer or mobile device in a couple of minutes.

Just in time for the holidays, PopCap Games ( ), the leader in casual games, has added a printable/email-able gift certificate to its website.

PUZZLES train your brain, may help deter mental aging

Getting your body into good physical shape is hardly fun and games, thanks to dieting, exercise and the difficulty in changing bad habits.

But fun and games may be a key in getting your brain into shape. There is growing evidence that people who engage in puzzles, board games and other mentally stimulating activities can reduce the risk of memory loss and dementia as they age.

Game Review: Lumines Live!

I've been mulling over this review ever since I bought Lumines Live. I've been looking forward to the game for months, and Lumines on the PSP is the only game I've ever given a perfect score to in a front page review. It's easy to like Lumines on the 360; it looks and sounds great on a high-definition display and going through a surround sound system. It becomes quite the little A/V treat, in fact. It also includes both online and local multiplayer, and that's almost worth the price of admission right there. That's the thing though: the price of admission.

The game costs 1200 points, which is $15. That's not cheap for an Arcade game, and only $5 less than the PSP version. The problem is you'll constantly hit the base pack's limits when you play. That's right, you just buy the frame the other for-pay add-ons will attach to.

NHL Skinny: Net Platoons

If The Skinny has learned one thing in the early going of the 2006-07 fantasy hockey season, it's that goalies are the new running back. In the post-lockout, high-octane NHL, point-per-game scorers are scattered around the free agent pool like discarded betting slips at the racetrack. But a productive No. 3 fantasy goalie? Forget it. A quick scan of two expert league available player lists reveals a total of three goalies with wins available in one league and four in another.

Fantasy owners have their hands forced, really. Goalie platoons are all the rage these days. Both Anaheim and San Jose are employing 1, 1a rotations, and both are Western Conference favorites. Montreal hasn't named a No. 1, Boston isn't sure who will go from night-to-night and all around the league guys not named Martin Brodeur or Marty Turco are realizing that a night off every now and then isn't a bad thing.

Atlus Makes Contact with DS Owners

Atlus has announced that its quirky Nintendo DS RPG Contact is now shipping to retail. In the game, the player helps The Professor recover his lost power cells, battle enemies, and just generally become a do-gooder to save the day. From the press release, the game's key features include:

Abundant gameplay activities including animal-training, item-collecting, monster-hunting, plant-growing, and old-school mini-games! Dual-screen functionality with mission maps, interior/exterior viewpoints, and more!Real-time combat with special abilities and powerful "Decal Attacks"!Character design by Atsuko Fukushima, whose credits include the PSP hit PoPoLoCrois!You can also read our interview with the Project Lead for Contact by clicking here.

Posted: 10/19/2006 09:39:57 PST

Sony Computer Entertainment America Announces the Availability of ...

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Oct. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today the North American release of Gangs of London(TM), exclusively for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. Created by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's London Studio, developers of The Getaway franchise, Gangs of London is designed specifically for the PSP system. Presented in gritty graphic-novel style narratives, Gangs of London provides gamers with a unique visual presentation and dynamic storylines. Built from the ground up for the PSP system, gamers will play through over 60 different missions that will immerse them into the elite criminal underworld of modern day London. Complete with new gameplay modes, Gangs of London gives each player an original portable gaming experience by introducing tactical squad-based gameplay into the Action/Driving genre.

Pay Half-Price For XBLA Games

Let's face it: at 10 bucks, Doom on XBLA is a bit of a rip. Oh, sure, it's a swell game, and it has a lot of historical cachet. After all, it's the game the cro-magnons first played to learn how to deathmatch. But it's a thousand years old; it's main programmer has withered away from a vibrant young nerd to a desiccated husk. And games should depreciate in value when they get old. This isn't Michalengelo's meconium we're talking about here.

But what if you could only pay 5 bucks? Wouldn't that be kinda worth it? Well, you're in luck: there's a loophole in the XBLA usage restrictions that will let you play downloaded games on other 360s as long as you log in to that system once with your Xbox Live profile. So you transfer the profile to a memory stick, log-in and download the game to that second console.


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