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Sony Computer Entertainment America Announces Extensive Line Up of Game Titles for PLAYSTATION(R)3

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) today announced its debut game titles and unveiled the online strategy for its highly anticipated PLAYSTATION(R)3 (PS3(TM)) system, the company's groundbreaking computer entertainment system which will be available in North America on November 17, 2006.

More than 20 first- and third-party PS3 titles will be available through the holidays, resulting in the most robust software line-up ever offered by a new console at launch. The launch catalog encompasses the most popular game genres, featuring industry leading franchises as well as new intellectual properties to be released exclusively on PS3, with most titles expected to retail under $60.

"Our line-up of PS3 games that will be available through the holidays is unprecedented in terms of volume, variety and innovation, surpassing any previous competitive launch catalog and even our own original offerings for other PlayStation(R) platforms," said Kaz Hirai, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

In Stores: FIFA 07

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (AP) - The World Cup may be ancient history by now, but for real football fans -- and in this case, we mean what people some call soccer -- the passion for the game never cools.

Video game players who have a similar love for the sport have a new outlet for their fervor.

FIFA 07 puts players into the middle of a full soccer campaign, complete with the heated rivalries between some of the world's most talented teams. The game's artificial intelligence has been overhauled, to make the game more realistic. That means you'll have to tune your mind into that of a real soccer player in order to have success on the pitch.

The title from EA Sports is crafted for the Sony PlayStation2, the Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and for the personal computer.

Doom Cheats, Codes and Secrets - Xbox 360

The following achievements can be earned by playing DOOM on the Xbox 360. Doom is available as an Xbox Live Arcade download in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

CLEAN SLATE - 5 gamerscore points. Kill all monsters in level on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher.

DESTROYER - 10 gamerscore points. Get 100 kills on Xbox Live.

EPISODE FOUR - 25 gamerscore points. Complete Episode 4 on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher.

EPISODE ONE - 25 gamerscore points. Complete Episode 1 on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher.

EPISODE THREE - 25 gamerscore points. Complete Episode 3 on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher.

EPISODE TWO - 25 gamerscore points. Complete Episode 2 on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher.

HOARDER - 5 gamerscore points. Find all items in level.

NEOPHYTE - 20 gamerscore points.

PlayStation 3 Info, Launch Releases, and upcoming Cheats

The PlayStation 3 is Sony's newest effort to their highly successful line of PlayStation consoles. The third generation of PlayStation will be released in the United States on November 17, 2006, although it appears that initial quantities will be quite limited. Oddly enough, after stating that they were prepared for a word wide launch, Sony switched the European PS3 release date to March of 2007. Perhaps this is due to Microsoft's somewhat botched launch of the Xbox 360, a direct competitor of the upcoming PS3 unit, along with the Nintendo Wii.

Sony has stated that the PlayStation 3 console will be backwards compatible with all previously released PS One and PS2 video games. The PS3 will come in two flavors, the biggest difference of the two will be the size of the hard drive. The PS3 Basic will have a 20 gig hard drive and the PS3 Premium will have a 60 gig hard drive.

Game makers up to challenges of creating iPod games

Game developers tasked with creating the first full-fledged games for the iPod faced the challenges of developing for a new platform while dealing with Apple's desire to keep every detail closely under wraps. But it's a challenge the game makers were unable to resist, given the popularity of Apple's handheld music player.

"We think iPod gaming is a big opportunity," said Dave Roberts, CEO of PopCap Games, whose Bejeweled and Zuma are among the nine iPod games available for sale at the iTunes Store. Other iPod games announced by Apple CEO Steve Jobs during his September 12 presentation to the press include Tetris, mahjong, and mingolf games from Electronic Arts; Fresh Games's cube-based puzzle game Cubis 2; the arcade classic Pac-Man from Namco Networks; and a Texas Hold'em poker game and brickbashing title called Vortex developed internally at Apple.

Sony busts down mod-chip retailer with $9 mil. lawsuit

Everybody's favorite far-reaching, possibly free speech-infringing law, the DMCA, is being put to use again for busting down on Divineo, a seller of mod-chips. Sony has slapped them with a $9 million lawsuit for selling the chips, along with HDLoader, which allows a PS2 to rip games and store them to a HDD for "jukebox" access. Until recently, Divineo was selling a whole bevy of Xbox, Xbox 360, PSOne, PS2, GameCube and other system mod-chips. They've also got other slightly more innocuous devices like that snazzy 4GB DS-Xtreme which gives you homebrew action on the DS without any hacking. Though, we're not sure such attempts of theirs at semi-legibility will do much to appease Sony. There's no official response from Divineo yet, but since they're a France-based company, it seems like the best Sony can do with the DMCA is get them out of the states.

Hilary Duff to Appear in EA's The Sims 2 Pets

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., BUSINESS WIRE -- Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS) is pleased to announce a partnership with multi-platinum, chart-topping recording artist, actress, fashion designer and philanthropist Hilary Duff, to make her inaugural video game debut in the critically acclaimed, best-selling, groundbreaking video and PC game franchise, The Sims(TM). Through this partnership, Hilary will appear in The Sims 2 - PC
PC Connection-$39.60
');" onMouseOut="hideAd();" class=Hotlink>The Sims 2(TM) Pets Click for the lowest price on dmnobieblankgames');" onMouseOut="hideAd();" class=Hotlink>games, joined by her beloved Chihuahua Lola, releasing on October 17 in North America and on October 19 across Europe for the Click for the lowest price on dmnobieblanksony');" onMouseOut="hideAd();" class=Hotlink>Sony SONY Playstation Portable (PSP)$249.99
Circuit City-$249.99
');" onMouseOut="hideAd();" class=Hotlink>PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system, the Nintendo Nintendo GAMECUBE SYSTEM (Platinum) (#GCUBEPLATINUM)
Super Warehouse-$104.99
Circuit City-$99.99
');" onMouseOut="hideAd();" class=Hotlink>GameCube(TM) and as a PC expansion pack(1) to the original PC game, The Sims 2 - PC
PC Connection-$39.60
');" onMouseOut="hideAd();" class=Hotlink>The Sims 2.

Go! Swizzleblock 2

The classic cube swapping puzzle game has gotten a make-over for the PLAYSTATION3 system. Frenzied fun as you try swizzle to match the colors and remove all your blocks off the grid.


Multiple Single Player Modes Challenge mode, Puzzle Mode and Time Attack. Multiplayer Modes Have fun with friends in 4-player coop on a single board or team battle modes. Unlockable Extras Unlock Hallucination option and see your blocks turn into animals or unlock the Hyper Attack option. Online Rankings See how you did in single player and multiplayer modes. .

Imperfect BCS will be decided on field

The first BCS ranking came out this week. With it came plenty of conversation and even condemnation from those who want another system. Let them wail - we have what we have and are going to live with it again this season.

Here are some things to keep in mind as the next weeks unfold and we get to the last rankings and two teams play for the national championship. The BCS ranking is developed from a formula that uses the national rankings and a computer program to determine a value of each team's season results. I can remember when we used the polls by themselves and so many complained there was too much regional bias. ... Why not use an impartial entity like some computer formula?

So we involved the computers, and others shouted that "no stinking computer" should decide the national championship.

NWBL national tryouts in San Jose December 10th-11th

The NWBL announced today that the times for the upcoming NWBL NATIONAL TRYOUTS to be held in San Jose, CA on December 10th and 11th, 2005. The tryouts will take place at DeAnza College located in Cupertino, CA with registration of players taking place between 11 AM and 12 NOON, followed by the official tryouts from 12 Noon until 6 PM on December 10th. At the conclusion of the tryouts on December 10th, approximately 10-20 players will be asked to return on Sunday, December 11th from 9 AM to 12 Noon, for a "2nd look at their talent by the NWBL pro coaching staff."

The deadline to register for the NWBL NATIONAL TRYOUTS, without paying a mandatory late fee, is October 31st, 2005. If players register and pay prior to October 31st, their registration fee is $125, while starting November 1st up until December 10th, although players may still register to tryout, their late entry fee is $ 150.


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