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Some games can be played on personal computers. These games are called PC games. For PC games, we require a specific operating system, like Microsoft Windows. There are two versions of PC games. Emerging versions are Linux and Mac. There are a lot of PC games, but top PC games are liked by most persons.

1- World in conflict: It is a real time tactic game. World in conflict game is developed by massive entertainment. In this game you can find many alternative versions of present day earth.
2- Star craft || is also very popular one. This game also sustains amusement for the players.
3- The Witcher game is mostly liked by everyone. This game is based on orient actions.
4- Company of Heroes game is a best resource of entertainment in free time. In this game, you can enjoy war skills.
There are a lot of other PC games, such as Tomb Raider, Alpha Prime, The Sims2 and many more.

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