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Here in this page you will come with all of the latest PC game cheats started from any A letter and codes for the desktop Computers or Notebooks. The PC game cheats and codes will be using Dos/Windows. Click on any letter below to search the PC game you are trying to find cheats and codes for. has many cheat and codes for PC related games than any other website on the internet. Bookmark us so you never miss any PC game cheats anymore.

Choose any given letter by the game title you need to find PC cheats or Codes for.

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Game Names
 A Bug's Life
 A-10 Cuba
A-10 Tank Killer
 A2 Racer 2
 A2 Racer 3: Europa Tour
 Abandoned Places
 Abby's Oddyssey
 ABC Flowcharter
 ABCs Monday Night Football 98
 Absolute Terror
 Absolute Zero
 Abyss, The: Incident At Europa
 Ace of Aces
 Aces Of The Pacific
 Aces Over Europe
 Achtung Spitfire!
 Act of War: Direct Action
 Act Of War: High Treason
 Action Fighter
 Action Man: Destruction X
 Actua Soccer
 Actua Soccer 2
 Actua Soccer 3
 Actua Tennis
 AD 2044
 Addams Family, The
 Adiboo & The Energy Thieves
 Admiral Sea Battles
 Adobe After Effects
 Adrenalin Extreme Show
 Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat
 Advent Rising
 Adventure Island
 Adventure Quest
 AFL '98
 AFL Live 2003
 African Safari
 After Dark
 After The War
 Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None
 Age of Empires
 Age of Empires 2 Expansion: The Conquerors
 Age of Empires 2: The Age Of Kings
 Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors
 Age of Empires 3
 Age of Empires: Age of Kings
 Age of Empires: Rise of Rome
 Age of Mythology
 Age Of Mythology: The Titans
 Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales
 Age Of Rifles
 Age of Sail
 Age of Sail 2: Privateer's Bounty
 Age of Wonders
 Age of Wonders 2
 Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
 Agharta: The Hollow Earth
 AH-64D Longbow
 Aid Zondulux
 Aion: The Tower of Eternity
 Air Raid
 Air Supremacy
 Airline Tycoon
 Airport Tycoon
 Airport Tycoon 2
 Airstrike 2
 Aladdin In Nasiria's Revenge
 Alawar Snowy Puzzle Islands
 Alawar Snowy Space Trip
 Aleph One
 Alexi Lalas International Soccer
 Alien Blast: The Encounter
 Alien Breed
 Alien Carnage
 Alien Invasion
 Alien Logic
 Alien Nations
 Alien Rampage
 Alien Shooter
 Alien Shooter: Fight for Life Cheats
 Alien Shooter: Vengeance
 Alien Trilogy
 Aliens vs. Predator
 Aliens vs. Predator 2
 Aliens vs. Predator Gold
 Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure
 Allan Border's Cricket
 Alone In The Dark 2
 Alone in the Dark 4
 Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
 Alpha Black Zero: Intrepid Protocol
 Alpha Centauri
 Alpha Centauri 2
 Alpha Centauri: Alien Crossfire
 Amazon Trail
 America Online
 America's Army
 America's Army: Special Forces Overmatch
 America: No Peace Beyond The Line
 American Civil War: Gettysburg
 American Conquest
 American Conquest: Divided Nation
 American Deer Hunter 2000
 American History Lux
 American McGee Presents: Bad Day L.A.
 American McGee's Alice
 Amulets And Armor
 Anarchy Online
 Ancient Conquest
 Ancient Domains Of Mystery
 Ancient Evil
 Anco's Energizer
 Android Pinball
 Angel Devoid
 Animaniacs Game Pack
 Animorphs: Know The Secret
 Anito: Defend a Land Enraged
 Anno 1602
 Anno 1602 (German)
 Anno 1701
 Apache AH-64 Air Assault
 Apache Longbow
 Apache Longbow 2
 Aquanox 2
 Arcade America
 Arcade Fruit Machine
 Arcade Pinball
 Arcanum: Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura
 Archimedean Dynasty
 Arctic Adventure
 Ardennes Offensive, The
 Area 51
 Ares Rising
 Arkanoid 2
 Armed & Dangerous
 Armored Core
 Armored Fist
 Army Men
 Army Men 2
 Army Men 3
 Army Men: Air Tactics
 Army Men: RTS
 Army Men: Toys in Space
 Army Men: World War
 Army Operations
 Arx Fatalis
 AS400 Client Access
 Asheron's Call
 Assault Rigs
 Asterix: The Gallic War
 Astro Marine Corps
 Astrorock 2000
 Asura Puzzle Patlabor Series
 Atari Anniversary Edition
 ATF Gold
 Atlantis 2
 Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Trial By Fire
 Atomic Bomberman
 Atomic Robokid
 ATV Mudracer
 Aurora Watching
 Austin Powers Pinball
 Av-8B Harrier Assault
 Avernum 4
 Avery Cardoza's Casino 2000
 Axis & Allies
 Axis And Allies (2004)
 Axis and Allies: Iron Blitz
 Axis Arena



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